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Music & movement at La Bonita

Flamenco Dance for Beginners

Although Flamenco is highly associated with Spain, it's in fact an Andalusian art form still taught in homes through an oral tradition and danced at informal gatherings called 'juergas'. At the early beginner level it's great fun, very rewarding and any woman can do it, no matter your age, size or shape. Even though it can seem overwhelming at first to learn this new 'language' with it's steps, the hand coordination and unique 12 count rhythm at La Bonita we'll show you how to take it slowly so you come away inspired and dancing. You'll learn the 'palmas' (hand clapping), the hand movements, the 'marcaje' and 'pies' footwork, and a whole footwork sequence ('escobilla'). We have two Andalusian teachers who live locally which means workshop dates are flexible. A flamenco stay at La Bonita includes a visit to a tablao to see a local performance and / or the Flamenco Museum Juan Breva in Malaga which also has shows in the cellar.

Electric guitar reharmonisation

Guitarrist Sergio Sands holds workshops at La Bonita in playing the electric guitar, reharmonisation and customisation of electric guitars . Trained at Berklee College of Music, and with a lifetime of performance experience, his extensive knowledge allows for specialist teaching. Originally from Brazil, his musical knowledge, voice training and understanding of different musical styles help him to teach students seeking to improve their skills and music interpretation.

Students will learn combination, re-programming and replacement of the internal elements (mechanical and electronic) of the guitar so as to reproduce different types of "tones and sounds" depending on the personal taste of the musician. Two and three day workshops are available for those wishing to stay at La Bonita, or for those preferring to attend day sessions, one day workshops are also available.

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