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Avocations for the Avolover

Calling all avocado lovers!

Why not join us during our Bacon, Fuerte and Hass avocado harvests? It's going to be our 7th avocado harvest and it's sure looking as if it's going to be a bumper crop! It's a wonderful activity for friends and families because everyone can join in -- all levels of fitness can be accommodated and no matter your age, you'll get to pick avocados and experience life on our avo farm during your day's activities.

You will learn all there is to know about avocados -- why they grow where they grow and the different types of avocado -- as well as how to pick and handle them whilst harvesting. We wish to share our passion for sustainably grown food and to allow guests to engage with the plants and the surroundings in a positive way. Avocations are all about working together in a group, communication, and most importantly, connection to nature and oneself.

La Bonita is also a great team-bonding destination for companies looking to engage employees and create a positive approach to working together. We have developed activities that are specifically tailored to building trust and co-operation whilst having fun and learning new things as a team. Everyone on an Avocation gets involved in the harvest, and no matter the weather, the fact that you are outside, physically engaging with nature, under the trees, touching and harvesting the fruit, makes for an unforgettable experience. There is simply no better way to connect to others than to go back and do what our ancestors did for thousands of years -- and that is to gather food and then sit down together to a homecooked meal.

For more information, look under 'Join Us -- Avocations' in the Menu bar.

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