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Cocktail Avocado

Have you ever seen an avocado like this?

These are cocktail avocados (readers were asked not to 'ausflippen' on hearing about this culinary delight) I thought I'd dispel some guac myths:

1. No, sorry to disappoint, but this isn't a new type of avocado -- it's as old as the Aztec hills from whence it came. It's in fact a Fuerte (or sometimes Mexicola) avocado that's not fully grown because it can't. Yes, it's basically a cute, runtish avo. This happens for a variety of reasons, sometimes genetic but most often because the avo tree produced a second flowering later in the season after the first main blossoms had already been pollinated. Simply put, the second set of flowers didn't get pollinated probably because the bees were busy somewhere else. This resulted in stunted, stone-less fruit development and bingo! the cocktail avo was born.

2. No, the UK is not the only place where you can get these avocados. You can get these avocados anywhere where Fuerte avocados are grown. And they ship anywhere in the world just like regular avocados do so any supplier can get hold of them.

3. No, Spain is not the only place where they grow. They grow anywhere where you find Fuerte avos. However, it's true that a small area of Andalusia is the only area in Europe where avocados are grown commercially, so 'Spain' is geographically correct if that's where M&S and speciality Parisien and Berliner chefs are sourcing their cocktails this time of year.

4. No, it's not true that you can only get them in December. In fact, at La Bonita, depending on when we harvest, these dinky avos can be yours anytime between October and December. Equally, if we were in the southern hemisphere, you'd be able to munch away on one during May to July.

4. Yes, they are 'safer' than the treacherous average avo that seems to cause endless cases of avo hand the world over. This is because its softer skin and lack of pit means you can eat it without having to use... a knife.

4. Yes, they are tasty and buttery in texture but in my opinion not as wonderful as a fully formed Fuerte avocado, the tastiest of them all. Having said that, they are perfect as a snack because of their size and the fact you can eat the skin. Try one, judge for yourself.

5. Everyone wants them? Well, now, maybe, but not so long ago, these avocados would have been left to fall to the ground because they were avo non grata. Now they're all the rage and the co-operative asks that we crate them up separately so that they can be weighed and priced differently to other avocados. It's thanks to avo lovers everywhere that this is the case. Thanks folks!

Last but not least, don't tell the kids or foodies, but they make brilliant crayons to paint with on the pavement... 🥒🥑🥒🥑



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