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Harvesting Olives 7 - Bottling the olive oil

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

After about three hours the oil eventually makes its way to large tanks where gravity helps filter the sediment. The oil is then poured into 10 litre or 25 litre barrels. And finally it's ready to come home! It's important is that the bottles or barrel protect the oil. A clear bottle might show off a pretty harvest-fresh color, but it certainly won’t protect the integrity of the oil from damaging exposure to light. Remember, light is detrimental to oil quality and accelerates oxidation. This is true of all light sources, including fluorescent lights at the store. Darker glass colors like amber, green, dark blue, or black are always preferable to clear glass from a quality point of view.

There are three basic types of bottle closures commonly used in the olive oil industry: bar tops, screw tops, and Ropp tops. Although other closures are occasionally used such as cork, the three mentioned above are used on the vast majority of the world’s production due to their reliability and cost effectiveness.



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