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Harvesting Olives 2 - The Nets

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

First off, we place nets on the ground to catch the fruit as it falls. It's difficult to see from the photos, but there's actually a net either sice of the trunk, held in place by two clips. . Because our olive trees are dotted around the farm we end up being inventive as to how we lay the nets on the ground. Sometimes there's a sharp incline (not good as the olives roll down the hill like marbles), at others maybe a small newly planted avocado tree gets in the way (swipe left). . Commercially-producing olive farms have trees on flat ground in long, perfectly-lined rows. That allows them to be cost effective when caring for the trees and harvesting. . For us it's a labour of love. There's nothing quite like the taste of oil from olives off the trees you care for and being able to gift visitors and friends with our 'green gold'. .



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