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La Bonita is featured in The New Traveler

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

The Age of the New Traveller has well and truly arrived. And it's not just millennials who make up the majority of this group, it's people of all ages from baby boomers to parents with young children seeking something more than just a hotel room where they can rest their weary heads.

A new traveller refers to anyone tired of the well-worn path of standard tourism who is looking for an experience that allows them to feel 'alive' and that they 'belong' in some way to the destination they're visiting. Add to that, new travellers are also looking to minimize their impact on the places they're staying in and in many cases wish to add to the well being of the area or people they come into contact with. It's about connection, being in tune with one's surroundings, and we love that!

So we're thrilled to have been chosen as a feature for this year's New Traveler Magazine, launched this week at the Berlin Travel Festival. Under the heading 'Back To Earth', our finca and passion for sustainable food production is highlighted as an example of what travellers nowadays are looking for in a destination. To quote the editors:

"For the second issue of The New Traveler, we’ve called on our community from around the travel world to create a magazine filled with adventure and exchange. Reflecting the themes of the Berlin Travel Festival, it explores the values held by the next generation of traveler: creativity, authenticity, connection, and exchange. We #traveldifferent – and invite you to join us for the journey."

Speakers at the festival brought their passions and expertise from the wildest landscapes in the world to Berlin so as to share them with the thousands of guests who visited the festival this past weekend. I love the fact that travelling in a mindful way is a growing trend. Myself having done a fair bit of travel writing back in the late 80s and worked as an editor for Time Out Travel Guides and Berlitz Guides in the 90s, I believe that this new way of travelling will bring a depth of understanding for different cultures and environments to both visitors and the visited alike.



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