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What's growing at La Bonita

Did you know that the #avocado #tree is originally from central and south America_ 🌎_And that #bota
What will you be cooking today_ 🍽🥗_
Giant tomato ! Magnificent, resplendent Mother Nature at her most impressive 🍅💚_
Freshly-picked #mangoes  Delicious!_._
Shepard avocados - real beauties you rarely see in the shops and that don't change colour when ripe
Time to make some #chili oil for a spicy kick to our meals! 🌶🔥_._
Best start making gazpacho..! 🍅🍅🍅_
What's not to like _ 🍋💚_._
Mandarin harvest._
The elegance and beauty of olive trees 💚🌳_
Juicy #pomegranate on the #tree 🌳_._
Olives the colour of plums 😍_._
The end of the year is a #harvesting fest ! There's the #olives and bacon #avocados that need pickin
Nothing like a good #nut 😉_._
Moscatel grapes on the vine from which we will make our sweet white wine this autumn._
Goodies from the soil 🍋🥑🍆🌶_._
Our #hass #avocados are almost ready! 🥑👩‍🌾🍾_._
Autumnal roses ❤_._
Seeds on our #acacia #summer #chocolate tree 😍_._
Our cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil - from tree to mill and bottle in less than 24 hours 👍_._
Green oranges that will change colour once temperatures drop 🌡🍊_._
Monster mega delicious peppers ! What did you pick today fresh from the garden_ 🌶🌱👩‍🌾_
I ❤ our #mangoes !_
Mandarins gently changing colour. A #shift in time, a shift in perception, a shift in essence 🍊⏳_._
_That's too much garlic !_ said no one, ever, in Andalusia 😅🍜🍽👩‍🍳_
Flowering #lemon #trees 🍋 have the sweetest scent 🌼_._
Look what I found whilst on my morning walk ! Delicious sun-ripened figs 💜 on our fig trees !_Natur
Last of the peppers... 💚_._
The word #pecan comes from the #Native #American #Algonquin meaning #nuts requiring a stone to crack
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