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is a family-run avocado and fruit farm situated in the fertile Guadalhorce Valley near Coín, Malaga. We plant, grow and harvest the fruit our land produces. We feel passionate about sharing our vision and our way of life with you.
Visit the farm

Visit us for the day or join us during one of our harvests. We offer tours and farm stays, as well as educational holidays.

Art workshops


Relax and re-connect to nature as you discover the beauty of a working Andalusian finca through our art workshops and residential retreats.

Healing Retreats


A one-to-one personalized healing retreat for the bereaved and those suffering from trauma.

Loading up the crates filled with hass avocados._
Called #fuerte because it is a hardy #avocadotree that can withstand the cold nights of winter._._
Can you spot the #avocados _ That's why harvesting takes so long... you simply can't see them ! 👀🥑
Bacon avocados._
A selection of delicious our avocados! Clockwise from top left_ Bacon, Lamb Hass, Fuerte, Hass, Mexi
Hass avocados on the tree that will be ready for harvest within two months._
Avo 💚_
Nature's #hassavocado bounty 🥑_._
Spectacularly dark-green shiny #baconavocado on the #avotree ._
In ancient #Aztec #culture, the #avocado symbolized #love and #fertility because the avocado #tree c
Baby #avocados on the tree._
Bacon avocados straight off the tree._
My brother and I during last years #avocado #harvest 🥑🌳💚🥑🌳 These #trees were #planted 3 years a
How many avocados could you eat!_ 🥑🥑🥑🥑_._._
🥑Avo, 🥑avo in the tree_Grow as tasty as can be ! ._
Our gorgeous, full-bodied, delicious hass avocados, which were picked only hours ago, being washed w
Cute #cocktailavocado on the #fuerteavocado tree - one of #naturesmiracles that you get to eat whole
Cute finger-sized #cocktail #avocados on the #fuerteavocado tree 🥑_
Shepard avocados - real beauties you rarely see in the shops and that don't change colour when ripe
Beautiful #hassavocado growing more succulent by the day 💚🥑💚🥑💚_._
Hass avocados ready for harvest._
Dusty, delicious and almost ready for #harvest 🥑_._
Avo love ❤_._
Charming avo._
Fuerte avocado harvest._
Hass avocado tree on our plantation._
Nothing beats walking beneath the avo trees as the Levante wind pushes through the branches.._
Cocktail #avocados have edible skin, are seedless and are about 6cm to 8cm long.jpg They occur by ch
weighing avos hass
IMG-20161018-WA0004 (2)
IMG_3343 (2)
IMG_3362 (2)

Contact Us

Thanks for visiting Hacienda La Bonita online. We are happy to hear from you. If you are enquiring about a workshop or visiting the farm, please write it in the subject field. 

Be advised, we are not hiring. There are no employment offers at our farm. 

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